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objectives statement

We are currently an all voluteer nonprofit. Thru our three key initiatives we are actively planning to implement & expand our fresh solutions and services for disadvantaged children. We are actively looking to raise funds thru grants, corporate sponsorship and our active online campaign thru our website. 

We estimate, budget and strive to raise $500 000, or more, for the rental (or acquisition) of premises for our our family residence/sanctuary.  

This amount factors in
  • Repairs and needed equipment/furniture purchase.
  • Meals and temporary transportation assistance.
  • 1 dedicated full-time staff, possible +1 part-time staff.

We have a plan developed to offer 4 temporary apartment style spaces to larger homeless families with children, and an additional 10 one-room spaces for homeless single parents with kids. We aim to focus & assist homeless families, thereby assisting children the most.

*we are not a Care facility, nor a Health, Drug Reabilitation or long-term boarding facility. We plan to merely be a non-profit that freely opens up/offers its large building to people that need help.

short-term sanctuary, for homeless families with kids​

Currently our most visible public facing campaign and one we are especially proud of.
We estimate, budget & strive to raise $500 000, or more, for the lease or acquisition of vacant, unused residential or commercial land for our 5 acre forest initiative. The land will be reforested rapidly after lease/purchase/land stewardship is finalized.

This amount factors in 
  • Cleanup  and site preparation.
  • 3-5 yr. old sapling/vegetation purchase.
    Local,  community based temporary labor.
  • Playground and vegetable garden equipment.
    After -hours security monitoring & protective fencing.
  • Ongoing forest maintenance.  

We have a plan developed to offer 3-5 urban forests to communities, with the goal of cleaning Chicago air & water, while rejuvenating local communities by planting native Illinois trees. This will provide a host of  environmental and social benefits for children living in urban areas.   

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We estimate, budget and strive to raise $75 000, or more, for the acquisition of a suitable food truck for our our mobile soup kitchen.

This amount factors in
  • Repairs & van improvements, for refrigeration & reheating.
  • +1 part-time staff, from our local community.   
  • Food and blanket purchase from local stores.

Our plan is to operate during the winter months taking up to 100 hot precooked meals to where its needed most across Cook County.

mobile soup kitchen



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