Land Donations for Good
Create a great legacy that
everyone will remember.

One of our biggest challenges is acquiring
land to restore and reforest.

Protect your land either thru a
tax-deductible land donation,
a land trust or by entering
into a land stewardship agreement.

we need your help

why conserve land

Land gives us life.
We get our food from the land. And our water, which flows clean when we take care of the land.

We need the land for good health — places to play and explore, to exercise and let go of stress. We need the land for vibrant communities — gardens, parks, and trails that draw people, where neighbors get together. We need the stories rooted in the land, so we can explore who we are. We need the beauty of the land to inspire us

Income Tax Incentives for Land Conservation

For landowners, donating a conservation easement is a way to protect places they love. It’s also a major financial decision. When landowners donate a conservation easement, they give up part of the value of their property — often their family’s biggest asset. Tax incentives offset some of that loss in property value, making conservation a viable option for more landowners.

The permanent conservation easement tax incentive is a powerful tool that helps Americans conserve their land voluntarily. If you own land with important natural resources, donating a conservation easement can be a prudent way to both save the land you love forever and to realize significant federal tax savings.

This  short brochure  summarizes the conservation easement tax incentive and provides answers to some frequently asked questions (also below). For the latest information and for guidance on individual properties, please contact us at (904) 382-4733 to discuss