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a 501(c)3 non-profit
devoted to children's well-being 

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Grant Ferguson.
An technology and managerial professional with 22 years of international experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, working for IBM SA, Datavia South African, Sprint, Equity Office and Motorola. The last 8 years he has been focused on the Anixter Center non-profit before committing full-time to FergusonCares ngo early 2017 with his fellow board members.

Tom McPheron. 
lifelong Chicago resident Tom McPheron is a public relations and communications professional with more than 25 years experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors including international charities and public health organizations.

Craig Ferguson.
Bringing valuable international managerial and project implementation experience to FergusonCares, Craig Ferguson has over 25 years of large scale managerial and engineering expertise gained throughout Africa and Asia, working for Clyde Bergemann Africa and the global giant, GEA Group.


  • FergusonCares is named after John Ferguson, father of two of our board members. Our Chicago based nonprofit’s name is a tribute to the life of a gentle, kind and loving man.
    FergusonCares objective is to ease homelessness and hunger for all children, while being committed to providing a healthier environment for all children. FergusonCares strives to implement practical, inexpensive solutions which deliver results in making the world a better place for all children.
    Our nonprofit FergusonCares, is known internally and informally in the community as "fc". The seeds of our non-profit were planted 10 years previously, after the U.S economy entered a recession, it soon became very apparent that we needed more committed action to address some of the issues Cook County is facing, regarding homeless families, and regarding the safety of our public air and water. There is an immediate need for more vegetation, trees specifically to recover our polluted water, air. Trees have been shown to promote health & well-being.

  • After working on numerous self-funded and volunteer urban cleanup projects, as well as community gardens and village beautification initiatives over the last 10 years, our board members decided it was time to get serious and commit to offering our unique blend of ideas, solutions and determination. In addition over the years we have distributed clothes, shoes and food to those in need, while offering informal help, counseling and a loving ear.    

  • All of FergusonCares projects have children's well-being at the core of their mission.  

    • Company Name                             FergusonCares
      501(c)3 designation                        Prevention of cruelty to children or animals
      Business Entity                               Non_profit
      Tax-exempt status                         501(c)3 tax-exempt
      Primary Contact                             Grant Ferguson
      Phone Number                               (904) 382-4733

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